Drinking Really IS Stimulating

Thursday, January 31, 2013

the scrapperWe've had a lot of people asking us "where do you get your wines"?

Well, technically we get them where everyone else does, the state of NH Liquor Commission.  More specifically though, we have a small handful of wine brokers, who sample and share their wines with us, providing us with options to bring in.  

We wanted to bring attention to one such broker, who has a unique set of wines.  We have known Sheila since we first purchased The Drinkery 2 years ago.  She worked for another broker at the time, and recently has taken flight and started her own company - Circa Wines.  

Sheila has more than just fantastic wines you'll only find in boutiques; she has wines with a story.  She has personal relationships with the winemakers she chooses, and each of their wines is more than just grape juice - they have a purpose, a reason for being named what they are, or a history.  Some of the wines you may recognize from our first month - JAM Cellars Butter Chardonnay, Jam Red Blend, Vinum Cellars Red Dirt Red and Hobo Zinfandel.

Drinking to Stimulate....

Your visits to Cask & Vine this first month have provided these small wineries the means to further showcase their great wine, and make a big difference in our local economy - from the staff we have hired, to Sheila and her budding company.
For this, we raise a glass to you!  Cheers!