Up to code at Cask and Vine

Monday, September 24, 2012

This week we have some serious demo work to be done.  There are actually 2 ceilings in our place... One that you can see, and another about 18" above it.  We are removing the first layer, lights and the second layer of lights - along with all of the insulation sitting on the currently visible ceiling.  We were considering just throwing a THIRD ceiling on, but that would mean nobody over 5 feet tall could visit us.

We also have a LOT of code to catch up on... the entire electrical system needs to be re-wired, and a revised rear egress needs to be put into place, which includes taking out the existing steel exit, cutting four feet down through concrete and placing a new steel door.

It's not as much fun as wine barrel tables, but in the event of an emergency it means nobody has to leap 4 feet.  Of course by emergency I mean we run out of small batch White Birch beer. :)