about cask and vine

andy day alana wentworth

This is about more than just another place.  This is about ideas.  This is about local.  This is about community, conversation and sharing...

It's about an experience.

We recently celebrated our One-Year Anniversary at The Drinkery, and it was an event unlike anything we've ever witnessed in a "beer and wine store".  All our regular visitors and even newcomers gathered together to taste some amazing beer, share in the experience and celebrate a place that has become much more than a place to buy good beer and wine.

We want to take this passion a step further and give our visitors a place to sit and enjoy these same craft beers and small production wines with us and one another.  We were determined to find a way to take the beauty and charm of this little beer and wine cellar and create a place where craft beer drinkers and wine drinkers alike could sit and enjoy a glass of something outstanding.